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Mollett-Hunter is a family-owned agency. Since 1946, we’ve been proudly helping businesses and individuals across the country manage their risk and obtain high quality protection for their assets. As an independent firm, we are able to offer a wide-range of expertise and personalized service, prioritizing our client’s best interests, not the insurance company. Our clients are not numbers to us, but hard-working Americans, just like we are. We dedicate ourselves to being the most policy-savvy, risk management agency in the business.

Our Foundation


For Mollett-Hunter, our clients are not data points. Each client has individual needs and deserves the best protection from all life throws their way. Some agencies treat each new client as if they are just one of many, without any attention to their specific circumstances. Mollett-Hunter is about quality. While other agencies are marking down their customers as numbers in a ledger, we’re getting to know our clients’ needs, dreams, and concerns. We are able to save them money by more accurately classifying our clients rather than giving them general coverage from minimal information about their situation. Our agents recognize their clients by face and when they sit down for a meeting can ask them how the grandkids are doing or if they ever took that Florida vacation they had mentioned. We make sure that clients feel like they are their agent’s number one priority. Mollett-Hunter is a full-service agency able to cover any and all insurance needs a client could have. Because wanting what’s best for our clients means being able to provide them with the absolute best coverage available, our agents are specialized instead of trying to be a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. We would rather be masters of our particular field of insurance so that we all know the complete ins and outs of our specialty. This way, our agency as a whole has more depth of insight than other firms that expect each agent to remember everything across all classes of insurance. Being specialized, our agents can find the exact coverage and any possible risk by knowing all there is to know in their area of expertise. We have decades of experience and know exactly what questions to ask our clients to uncover their risk factors and exposures. This ingenuity allows us to take hard to place clients and find them the coverage that they need. Since each agent has expansive knowledge of their market, they find creative solutions to make sure the client gets the coverage they need within their budget, even when the client has non-traditional circumstances. We know every dollar matters in our clients’ budget so we work with over fifty carriers and do all the footwork combing through options to find the best choices for the client. Our Mollett- Hunter agents have mastered all the steps and creative ways to reduce their clients’ risk while still getting them the coverage they need.

Our Story

The world of insurance is complicated. When it comes to dealing with insurance, most people are really only familiar with being stuck on hold with a national firm or going into a stuffy office to talk to agents who sound like they are speaking a foreign language. Mollett- Hunter is none of those things. We are a down-to-earth and speak in a simplified language to ensure that you understand your needs. Established in 1946 by Mr. Mollett, to meet the increased need in the community, the agency started as a service to neighbors by issuing personal loans following the end of WWII. About ten years later, they ventured into offering commercial insurance to better serve all their clients’ varied needs. When Mr. Hunter joined soon after, Mollett- Hunter came into its own. As time went on, family and trusted friends like Mr. Ramsey came on-board and helped them grow. Mark McPherson took the helm 21 years ago to carry on the family tradition of smart and caring insurance. Their friendly, comprehensive, and down-to-earth customer care allowed the Mollett- Hunter family to grow and spread to other locations across the state. With 70 years of experience in the industry, we have a history of success you can trust. Insurance, by its nature, causes people to think about unavoidable risks and all the things that could go wrong in life, which isn’t something anyone looks forward to. As members of a local community, our Mollett-Hunter agents can relate to these worries and understand where you’re coming from. With a genuine feel and all the expertise of top-class agencies, we have a longstanding tradition of protecting businesses and individuals and being there for them when they need us.

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