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There are many forms of insurance. Some, like car insurance, only provide a benefit to the few people who have a costly accident. Some, like life insurance, typically don't provide a benefit for many years. Some, like medical or health insurance, provide immediate benefits, but can be very costly.

Dental insurance is rather unique.

First, its low cost makes it highly affordable for individuals and families.

Second, because dental insurance encourages and generally pays for regular check-ups, many people who purchase protection start to benefit immediately.

Finally, the price of maintaining a healthy mouth can cost hundreds ... even thousands of dollars.

Should you ever need costly care, from filings and crowns to periodontics and orthodontics, your dental insurance will be there to provide benefits when needed. So, if you buy dental insurance, you will probably use it. And, like millions of Americans who have protection, you'll probably be glad you did.

Thank you for your interest in Mollett-Hunter Insurance. We have several locations to serve you: Chickasha 405.224.5404, Anadarko 405.247.7323 and Cyril 580.464.2444, our agents are standing by to answer any question or assist in any way with your insurance. 

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